Q: What questions do I need to ask?

A: Ask your removal company as many questions as you can – after all you are entrusting these people with your prize possessions. Here’s a list of questions we recommend that you consider…

  • Liability. What Liability cover is offered? What is and what is not covered? Is there an excess?
  • Reputation. Ask about the company’s history.
  • How long have they been trading? Are there staff fully trained? What is their Quality policy? Do they have any references of past clients you can contact, and/ or testimonials you can view?
  • Logistics. Ask about the logistics of the move. What time will the van will arrive? What is the estimated time to finish loading up? How long will the move take? If your goods are not shipped immediately where will they be stored?
  • Security. Does the removals firm have 24hr security?
  • Storage. Does the firm have secure, temporary accommodation
  • Documentation. Ask your removal company about custom forms – will they handle this for you, and fill out all forms? Ask what restrictions the country you plan to move to have. Is the quote inclusive of all charges i.e. UK and destination port charges and destination customs and quarantine clearances? Will your electrical goods work in the country you plan to emigrate to?

Here are some questions any good removals firm will ask you:

  • Where are you moving to?
  • What are you moving?
  • What is the access like (for parking & getting furniture in)?
  • Do you have a date to move?
  • Are the new owners moving in on the same day?
  • If so what time do they require access at?
  • Do you require a packing service?
  • If not will you require cartons?
  • Do you require storage?