From high-quality corrugated Kraft-board storage cartons to labels and tape, we have all the packaging supplies you’ll need to pack and store your belongings safely!

The packs that ERS have put together below are full packs, which include everything you could possibly want for your move – bubblewrap, wrapping paper, sofa covers, etc. To ensure the safe transit of your china you will need packing paper to ensure its’ safety, not just the carton.

If you carry out your own dismantling of items, remember where the screws/bolts/legs/keys are. It is a good idea to tape them to the bottom of a base, inside a drawer, or on the back of a wardrobe.boxes

Pictures and Mirrors. If small enough should be packed into a carton in bubblewrap face to face with a layer in between. Pierce the bubblewrap to allow the pictures to breath and not sweat. Always pack them on their sides, not flat. Medium size pictures/mirrors can be packed into picture cartons – they should be bubblewrapped first.

In the kitchen only breakable items should be wrapped i.e. bottles, sauce and jam jars not tins.

When packing food always check that the packaging is secure before commencing packing. Bottles should be kept upright. When packing food ensure that items are not packed with non-food items. Where possible try and run down the contents of your fridge or freezers. If you do have to take any food with you pack it into a cool box or wrap it in paper first to avoid everything getting damp.